Samurdhi Program

 Goal: “Re-affirm poverty and ensure social justice, let's build a steady family”


  1. Providing monthly relief to the less fortunate resident residing in Walapane.

Concentrating Center until they are provided with poverty . If Rs. 3500 / - 2500 / - 1500 / - based on the number of families.
2. Implementing an insurance scheme for reducing the amount of Rs. 100 from the social security program and implementing an insurance system to marriage, corporation and death for the beneficiaries.
3. Social Security “Sipdora” Program: Implementation of the scholarship program for children who have passed the general service beyond the social security fund.
4. Implementation of the Housing Lottery program to the beneficiary beneficiaries. Provision of  Rs. 200,000/- to one recipient. For this, Rs 50 / - will be deducted from one of the beneficiaries.

Samurdhi Banking Programmes

  • 01. Give opportunities for the savings accounts to all residents of the area.
  • 02. Issue of loans for their specific needs

Samurdhi living program

  1. In order to improve the efficiency of their livelihoods, the beneficiaries will be able to procure 50% of the estimated value of the project's estimated value for purchase of equipment required for equipment, construction and animal husbandry projects.

       2.. Samurdhi model village program

  1. Development Program for Home Gardens
  2. Marketing Development Project 25% Sales Model Village Program


Social Development Program

  1. Repurchase of People from Alcoholic Drugs
  2. The management of households
  3. Programs for the elderly and disabled
  4. Widows' Women Programs
  5. Schooling of non-school children
  6. “Samurdhi” Flagship Program
  7. Attitude Development Program

Existing programs of the Samurdhi Section

  1. Two beneficiaries in each area and implement their program of poverty reduction program in this year with the support of the vigorous project banks.
  2. To develop a model home garden in a home gardens areas
  3. Implement the model village program in Upper Liyanwela Division.
  4. Set up committees covering all areas and implement anti drugs and anti-poverty programs.

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Training Program

Training Program

Training Program on "A/R AND F/R" will...

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