Land Division

Goal:               “Settled claim – have a comfort life”

Main Functions          

1. Taking action to provide settlement of lands for resident and cultivated lands (license, permits, tax deeds and issuance of title deeds)

2. Subsequent activities of the lands given under the Land Development Act.

3. Issue of timber felling and timber transport licenses.

4. Registration of timber beverages.

5. Providing liens for quarries and sand mining.

6. Conducting disputes over land disputes, water disputes, road traffic disputes and electricity objections.

7. Granting state lands on the basis of lease basis for the development of the “Gramaseva” Development societies, Farmer societies etc.

8. Obtaining alternative lands for those who have been affected by landslides.

9. Carrying out the acquisition of lands by the government.

10.Transfer of lands for schools, hospitals and other government institutions located in state lands.

11. Providing Sacred deeds, free grants for temples situated in government lands.

12. Required lands, leases or annual permits for small scale power plants, supply of water diversion licenses and annually levying taxes / licensing fees.

13. Certification of electricity applications

14. LRC Confirmation of residency by sending a letter.

15.Issue of lands to the landless persons in the division and providing unauthorized consents for unauthorized persons residing in state lands and to provide clear title of the resident for the qualified persons.

16. In accordance with the report obtained by the Grama Niladari in the unauthorized land grabbing action taken by the Grama Niladari, forwarding a notice of intimidation to the unauthorized persons, removing encroachments within the prescribed period, disposing of the ownership, filing a case in the court and taking action to remove the unauthorized persons.

17. Civil proceedings

Special services from the division

 Computerization and updating of state land under the e-slims program.

 Identification of provincial land issues and provision of solutions for provincial issues through conducting mobile services through the public.

✓ Holding “Land Kachcheries” in respect of the basic qualifications for persons who have been living in state lands for a number of years, who do not already have any license or deed for new lands.

 Obtaining a copy of the Plans for surveyed lands for the convenience of users of the Survey Department for digital copy.

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Training Program

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